Pumpkin Fever

Well the leaves are turning colours and falling to the ground. Autumn has arrived, and with it brought the world’s fascination/obsession with all things related to it.

Pumpkin Lattes, Muffins, Doughnuts, Eggs/Omelettes, and things i cant even imagine else.

Forgive me for saying this, it might be blasphemy but. I’m not a big fan of all these new pumpkin phases. Do not mistake me for not liking the vegetable but honestly cooked nomally in a pie or cheesecake is about my limit for trying new things like that. I just find that in every other case, the pumpkin tastes very fake, or all you really taste is the ppumpkikn spices – cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, allspice – and though the flavour combination states firmly what it is and tastes delicikous. I find the subtle taste of the pumpkin lost.

So i set out ot try to make my own pumpkin oddity but using pumpkin more than the spices.

The result was not my best ever work.

I decided to make pretzels, a current obsession I’m working through on my own. and though the dough took on a beautiful orange colour, there is no taste of the pumpkin in these. and I used only a small ammount of cinnamon and mollasses for flavor. Bland.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I love to experiment but ingredients like pumpkin is something I’m sadly under equipped to use. I haven’t played around with the ingredient enough and honestly dont eat it often either.

But I never know when to quit. After a brief argument with my mother about who is cooking what for Thanksgiving. Yet another year that I am denied cooking the bird. When will my Pa hand over the reins! We discussed briefly my assistance with their moving into their new home, ending on my mum handing down her recipe for pumpkin pie for me to try.

I must say it is the most delicious thing Ive ever had.

So pumpkins are weird. I think I want to play with it more. but i’m tired of wasting the moeny on it


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